Mieke Van Geest: Photographic Artist
Exploring Spirit in Nature

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Masterful! A delight to tour through the distilled essence of such careful observations and refined sensibilities. Looking forward to further quiet contemplations of select images. A most rewarding encounter. Thank you.
Sheldon Rose - 1 Sep 2021
This is amazing, Mieke. You produce such stunning results with your camera techniques. I love how you talk about your connections to your photo work. It is so calming to look through your galleries. I love the way you have your site organized. Goed werk!
Janice M Ley - 11 Feb 2021
Mieke, this is a very attractive site...I would love to see way more of your pictures of any kind, especially on the second last page..
Brenda Peddigrew - 9 Feb 2021
Your site looks great!! It is wonderful to see and enjoy more of the amazing scope of your work!
Mary O'Brien - 7 Feb 2021
Very impressed. No idea you are so talented. Your connection to nature is so apparent and lovely that you are sharing it in this manner. Well done.
Maureen Beamish - 2 Feb 2021
Your artwork and website refresh are very inspiring. I really enjoyed learning more about you and your work, thank you!
Michelle Reid - 1 Feb 2021
the photo called balance (top left) is exquisite. Thanks for sending me the link.
peter sims - 30 Oct 2018
Hi, just looking about and I'm impressed.
Derrek Haynes - 8 Aug 2018
Prachtig werk (Beautifull work!) We just met at Coffee Plaza, Amsterdam www.aloysginjaar.nl
Aloys Ginjaar - 26 May 2018
This is wonderful, Mieke. Photo course May 2017 YES ian & duke
Ian Waite - 21 Mar 2017
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