Mieke Van Geest: Photographic Artist
Exploring Spirit in Nature

At Water's Edge: Surface, Depth, Illusion

"A photographic journey, viewing and meditating on water, at the edges of lakes, ponds, rivers and puddles; exploring the mystery of water’s ecological and visual connectedness with its surroundings."

The book can be purchased online at this link:   http://www.blurb.ca/b/6508905-at-water-s-edge-surface-depth-illusion​ 

It can also be purchased directly from myself, at a lower price, not including shipping.

This book came from, first of all, simply, my love for being by the water.  The 3-page introduction to the book describes how the theme of the book evolved:   from observing surfaces of water, questioning what lay beneath and the importance of the murky depths, then how reflections from surrounding elements interacted with the water.   For the first summer (2014), I wandered along a lot of shorelines in my Kingston area of many water bodies;  the second summer (2015) I got up the courage to take my camera into my kayak with me.  Thus, many of the photos are taken right at water level from inside the kayak.